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My father said…

The advice I received from my parents when I was growing up still resonates in the back of my mind to this very day.  It is just now, that I am older, all grown up, with a child of my own, that I realize the importance my parents played in my life.  That’s not to say that I’ve taken them for granted, because I haven’t.  My mom and dad, together and apart, are two of the most amazing people I’ve ever encountered.  They are so strong, hard working and kind, always giving so much of themselves to my sister and I, always trying to be there with their support.

There’s so much the I forgot from what happened throughout the years, I wish I hadn’t lost so much.  I wish I could remember every minute and cherish it forever.  Why can’t I remember it all?

There’s one thing that has stuck with me for over twenty years. It’s something my father said to me when I was really young, maybe seven or eight.  Who knows how it came about, doesn’t really matter, but what he said had a profound effect on me and the way I view people around me, especially women.

Everyone is beautiful.

He wasn’t talking about physical beauty alone, but about all aspects of beauty, which encompass intelligence in its many forms.  He said that some people’s beauty will be more apparent than other’s, however everyone has something to offer the world.

That little bit of advice has shaped the way I view the world around me and my photographic eye before I even knew I had one.  Ever since I picked up a camera I’ve strived to show that beauty with my lens.  The challenge here has to do with giving someone permission to open up so much , let their beauty shine thru and establish a meaningful and sincere connection with the camera.

This brings me to the one and only, Sue Bryce.  When I first laid eyes on her incredible work I saw what a master at work can produce and I wanted to do the same for all the women in my life.  Sue is like a sculptor with a camera, posing her subject to the very last detail, she’s able to create a deep connection with the subject and have them gaze straight into the camera.

This look and state of being is so vulnerable, so true and honest that it stopped me in my tracks. Her technique seems simple, but takes a lot of practice to master.  The client has to give up control and give themselves over to the photographer trusting with every cell of their bodies that she will create photographs that will portray them in the best way.

The reaction I had when I first saw her work was too intense for me not to give this a try.  Something resonated with me so much that not only did it remind me my father’s words but it brought back to the surface what I’ve always held true to my heart:  each and every woman is beautiful.

Carissa Zanella - Madalina, anyone that meets you will instantly see the beauty within you! I love the photograph because it truly captures a precious moment that you can see in every aspect of the photo. In the eyes, in the face and more! Thank you for sharing it and sharing the beautiful story that matches…my mom told me the same thing. I truly enjoy working with you because I know you put yourself into every photograph you take! Thank you for being you!

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